2013 Mike Horan Merlot

Our 100% Merlot is packed with pizzazz and complexity that dances on your palate. It has a deep Claret color, with a bit of an earthy nose followed by a hint of tobacco. The lush dark fruits on the tongue compliment the overtones of plum. It has a medium body with a long and lingering finish. Our dedication to this wine reflects the true spirit of our family roots. 

Price ~ $26.00

Label Inspiration

~ 96 cases produced

Mike Horan, our great grandfather, was a prize-winning apple grower in the Valley. At the National Apple Show he was awarded the title Apple King and won $2000. With that money he bought the family a 1910 Buick that we featured on the label. The illustration of the Buick is from the picture of him and his family that was taken behind the Horan house in his orchard.

Awards & Accolades

  • Gold Medal – 2016 North Central Washington Wine Awards