2015 Bottoms Up Chardonnay

From the king of white grapes comes a beautiful golden glow!!! This clean and crisp 100% Chardonnay has a tropical fruit nose and with a hint of vanilla. The full-bodied flavors exhibit pineapple, passion fruit, peach and a twist of pink grapefruit. This easy to drink wine will have you intoxicated with love and tipping your glass with a simple...BOTTOMS UP!!!

Price ~ $24.00

Label Inspiration

~ 428 cases produced

This label is purely about a celebration. The picture that led to the label was taken while wine tasting in Santa Barbara under a gorgeous weeping willow tree. As my daughter in law, Jenn and I savored a lovely Chardonnay, we raised the glass to toast my 50th Birthday, at that very moment our limo driver snapped the photo. I always love to say to our friends, that when you see me on the bottle with my sunglasses on and an empty glass, that's the perfect way to enjoy life!!!